Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A New Home, A New Life

The History. Ratanak International has been ministering and providing compassion in post-genocide Cambodia for 25 years with a diverse collection of medical, agricultural and literacy programs, along with a particular focus on one of the most disadvantaged and traumatized segments of Cambodian society - young women trafficked and sold into the sex trade.

The Vision. After working almost exclusively with girls and young women rescued out the domestic sex trade, Ratanak is has now established a new program and is constructing a facility designed to provide a safe, live-in reintegration home for older girls and women being repatriated back to Cambodia after having been trafficked internationally.

The Project. Ratanak International has approached eMi to design a secure home for its RAP (Ratanak Achievement Program) for those escaping a life of abuse. It is where assessments will be conducted and where residents will receive an education, job and life skills training, enabling them to live independent and stable lives. This new centre will also be Ratanak's “home base”, containing administrative, counselling, and program offices from which it’s work at the forefront of the human trafficking challenge in Cambodia can grow.

More Information. To visit Ratanak’s website to read more about their work, click here.

Please keep us in prayer as we travel in the air and on the ground first in the capital Phnom Penh and later in Siem Reap, centre of Ratanak’s upcountry work.

Thank you to all our supporters and friends who make it possible for me to serve with eMi in this way!