Sunday, January 31, 2010

DRC Three Days In

Missing Luggage. We are doing well here in the DR Congo. Two team members were delayed and arrived in Kigali a half day and a day later than the rest of the team. I sent the team with our contacts on a bus up to Goma and stayed in Kigali for one night to wait for the volunteers as well as return to the airport several times to collect the straggling luggage. After three more flights Kenya Airways has been so kind as to deliver 12 more pieces of luggage but one is "still not here". I am thankful to be able to say I have friends in Kigali who took great care of me in these shifting circumstances.

Soccer Gear. The good thing is that all the bags carry donated soccer gear has made it. We have arranged to meet the teams next Sunday. We have been told the girls team (ages 12-14) have now additionally become a wonderful choir and will perform for us. Something else to look forward too!

Designing on Lava. Upon my arrival in Goma with the two stragglers, our team walked the large property with the ministry reps. We are designing their new headquarters where they will oversee the operation of dozens and dozens of schools, medical clinics/hospitals, churches and vocational training centres in eastern DR Congo. The new facilities will be right on top of the lava flow that flattened their previous facilities in 2002 (first such incidence in 120 years of work in this region). It's definitely some new territory for our volunteer architects and engineers!

Please continue to pray for team unity and a servants heart as we put together a complex master plan and design the buildings for this amazing ministry.

Pray too for the arrival of one more piece of luggage, that of our volunteer architect, as he awaits his drafting tools and borrows some clothing for (hopefully) just a few more days.

Julie says in an e-mail that she and the kids are doing great. I'm bummed because I missed Cam's first appearance in a city-wide Allstar soccer game but I look forward to seeing the video that Julie took when I get home. Blessings.

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