Thursday, January 21, 2010

Response to Crisis in Haiti

For all those who have asked me for updates regarding the condition of the children at Haiti Children's Rescue Mission, I am thankful to report that all the children are safe, as is Pastor Jean-Fritz, Madame and their small staff of house parents.

I have just received news that a benefactor in Texas has applied to have all the children of HCRM be flown as soon as possible to Texas where they can be cared for while the process of adoption into American families is ongoing. This is wonderful news but as you can imagine, a stressful and vigorous process is needed to ensure the proper and excellent care of each child during this whole process.

Please pray for Pastor Jean-Fritz and Madame as they prepare to part ways with these children and look ahead to receiving many more during this terrible and trying time in Haiti. They still need funds immediately for the ongoing care of these children and also as they look to the future they will need money to construct the orphanage facilities that our eMi team has designed for them.

Please see the Support Us page at Canadian donors will continue to receive receipts for their support through Acitve Christians With A Mission (ACWAM): However, American donors cannot currently receive a tax receipt.

eMi now has two trained first response teams in Haiti. We work in conjunction with Samaritan's Purse and Food For the Hungry. To read more about our efforts go to and refer to our news items at the bottom of the page.

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